Startup Bootcamp at MIT

Photo: Dan Bricklin, founder: Visicalc

Photo credit: uploaded by rhizop

I attended an amazing event in Cambridge, Massachusetts last week designed to educate and encourage new startup ventures. It took place on Columbus Day, a national holiday but that did not discourage hundreds of keen attendees who turned up for this all day event.

The photo on the right is of arguably the most famous of the speakers, the man who invented the “first killer app“, the electronic spreadsheet Visicalc. This helped establish Apple who sold millions of their Apple II on the back of that one  software title alone.

The speakers:

1. Adam Smith, Founder, Xobni
2. Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder, Reddit
3. Ken Zolot, Founder, MIT Innovations Teams & Heartland Robotics
4. Dan Theobald, Founder, Vecna
5. Kyle, Vogt, Founder, Justin.TV
6. Angus Davis, Founder, Tellme
7. Hemant Taneja, Founder, Sunborne Energy, Managing Director, General Catalyst Partners
8. Dharmesh Shah, Founder, HubSpot
9. Robin Chase, Founder, Zipcar
10. Dan Bricklin, Creator, VisiCalc
11. Aaron Swartz, Founder Infogami
12. Drew Houston, Founder, Dropbox

There’s a number of very good notes about this elsewhere on the web, so I will simply provide links to those:

My key take away was how impressive the enthusiasm and passion exhibited here was; nothing like I have seen at home. The US leads the way for technology ventures for a reason!

For more history and lessons about technology startups I can endorse the recommendation made by a couple of the speakers of the book “Founders at work” which details the struggles and eventual success of companies like Hotmail, Apple, Adobe, Tivo, RIM and others.

3 Responses to Startup Bootcamp at MIT

  1. Scott,

    Thanks for the mention. Those speakers were amazing. They really took to heart the opportunity to give as much advice in 30 minutes as they could. The energy in the room both from the audience and the speakers was unlike any event I have been to other than maybe the MassTLC unConference.


    Jason Evanish

  2. I agree — it was a phenomenal event.

    Thanks for participating.

  3. thanks for the feedback! if you have any other ideas feel free to send me an email.

    Also, we’ve now posted HD videos of all the talks to YouTube.

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