REWORK: Back to basics in business.

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Jason Fried, co-founder of 37signals just gave a great presentation at SXSW about their new book, REWORK.

REWORK is a short, snappy and refreshing look at the fundamentals of business. Jason advocates a return to the basics. Don’t be a startup entrepreneur, instead, start a business. Make money from the start.

When starting out:

– remember that all planning is guesswork; accept it and don’t stress about getting it all right on day one

– focus on doing a great job, not on growth for growth’s sake. Your business will find the right size, which means it may not become a billion dollar enterprise oneday.

– stand for something and have a point of view. By doing so decision-making becomes much easier.

– create the type of company where people believe your apology (and when you do have to apologise, be real)

– what is the core of your product (if you run a hot dog stand your core product is the hot dog itself)

– say no to more things than you say yes to. e.g. The key to a great museum is the stuff that’s been left out.

When you are up and running:

– what is the sawdust of your product? (The byproduct) Can you use your knowledge, or some other spin-off to write a book, start a must-see blog or speak at conferences. (to generate additional sales revenue!)

– don’t obsess on your competitors. Just stay focused on building a great product of your own.

On the day to day issues:

– let people work without interruption. Collaboration is not the same as interruption!

– don’t limit yourself geographically when hiring. Choose the best people for the job, regardless of their location

Finally, on productivity:

“Long lists are worse than no lists at all”.

I like that last one a lot.

You can buy Jason Fried’s book, REWORK on Amazon.


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