McNak shows that recruitment can be fun

McNakI’ve written in the past about Zappos amazing company culture. But what if your company is much smaller, and your job is to find people to work somewhere else?

McNeill Nakamoto is a Vancouver based recruitment agency who aims to “turn the ordinary everyday experience of recruitment into something highly memorable”. It looks like a great place to work. Having dealt with recruitment agencies in the past and found the experience painful I’d love to see more of this new kind of approach.

Watch this quirky two minute video for an insight into what makes McNak different from the norm:


2 Responses to McNak shows that recruitment can be fun

  1. Indeed, the little video is a wee bit “quirky” but the message is clear and there is something to learn here.

    McNak have a clear differentiation in the marketplace (fun and people) which has made them successful – they turn their clients into “raving fans”. In addition they recognise the importance of culture i.e. matching up the prospect with their client in cultural terms first. My previous employer, “Smuckers”, were very good at this – if you weren’t a family fit and matched their values and culture then you didn’t get in. Prospects who match their prospective new Company culturally, are much more energised and therefore more likely to contribute to and succeed in their new job.

    There are not too many recruitment agencies who place prospects on a Culture play.



  2. Scott – to be named in the same article in reference to Zappos, a corporate culture I have so much respect for, is a major feather in our cap. If we at McNak could only be 1/100th of what Zappos is made of, then the I believe we have truly succeeded. Thank you for associating us with a corporate culture of such genius.

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