Groupon – no thanks

Like any good Scotsman I love a bargain, and I definitely enjoyed a shiny “oh-look” mentality when I first signed up. But 6 months in and I’ve unsubscribed. I was beginning to get fed up of the utterly irrelevant offers they were sending me, but the final straw was forgetting to redeem another voucher. I realised that my net position across all the Groupons I had bought left me either at break even, or possibly worse off.

I guess they can continue in this vein for quite a while, presumably there’s still plenty of noobs, but I’m off. Oh, and their superbowl ads were dire.

Here’s the last 20 deals I got sent by Groupon. There’s no pattern to them, they don’t even know if I’m male or female. It’s totally random.


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