Google offers citizens advice on internet safety

Congratulations to Google UK for being a good corporate citizen; I spotted this advert – one of a series – on the London Underground this week. The campaign’s goal is to educate consumers on internet safety and is being done in partnership with the Citizens Advice Bureau, a network of help centres around the UK staffed by tens of thousands of volunteers.

This particular advert is about password strength, a subject I wrote about in some depth previously: You might care about security online but do you understand it? This ad goes into what makes a good password but doesn’t recommend password plurality. It’s kinda misleading to give people the impression they’re safe if only they have one strong password. Anyway, it’s still a good effort on educating joe public.

Of the other three adverts I’ve spotted, one recommends logging out of sites once you are done and closing your browser (comparing not doing so to leaving the door to your house), another was about Google’s SafeSearch feature keeping kids away from inappropriate material and another was about two-factor authentication.

The website for the “good to know” campaign is still “coming soon” and I can’t find anything else about it online… think someone forgot to instruct the PR people on this one!

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