Silicon Valley – Week 6

Wonderful weather this week with temperatures reaching 20° C or 68° F in Palo Alto and glorious sunshine!!

As well as great weather I had some excellent meetings and attended some awesome events:

I’m learning to code and there’s some excellent resources here to make that easier, including San Francisco Ruby Group. They organise regular beginners hack nights where volunteer mentors are on hand to talk you through a specific coding lesson. Another group, Hackternoon provides a weekly Sunday afternoon meetup for people of all levels to get together and help each other out. I attended both in the last week and was impressed with the helpfulness and atmosphere at both.

Another must attend meetup group in the valley is Hackers & Founders, which this week had an awesome presentation by Rand Fishkin, founder of SEOmoz. Rand gave a fantastic, high-energy, entertaining and enlightening talk on inbound marketing, a topic which is apparently often ignored by startups.

Finally, this weekend I attended the inaugaural AngelHack in San Francisco, a hackathon event where business people, designers and developers pitch ideas, form teams and build a prototype within 24 hours. Startup Weekend is the global leader in these types of events and I really enjoy them, for the learning process and the chance to work with new people. If you’re contemplating a tech startup and have no experience of developing a web project, attend one of these events – travel if you have to. It will be absolutely worth your while, you’ll learn lots.

Finally, before AngelHack kicked off, along with recent Scottish ex-pat, Finbarr Taylor, I managed to have breakfast with the team from Moviecom: Gillian, Kevin, Dave and Laura were paying a flying visit to Silicon Valley before going to LA for the Red Herring Global 100 Awards ceremony, where Moviecom’s been shortlisted for an award! It was great to see Gillian, she’s an inspiration, having  worked tirelessly and with enviable enthusiasm through different iterations of  Moviecom. Congratulations to them for where they’ve got to so far and I look forward to seeing what comes next!

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  1. Michael says:

    Glad it’s all going well Scott. Watched the presentation from Rand and thought it was excellent, highlighted some really obvious stuff that’s easy to overlook.

    PS – Fancy sending some of that sunshine our way.

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