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I started this blog as one of my business heroes, Warren Buffett says the discipline of writing down your thoughts is a great way to really get clear on an issue. I hope to become a clearer thinker by blogging, and hopefully entertain a handful of readers.

“If you understand an idea, you can express it so others can understand it. There’s nothing like writing to force you to think and get your thoughts straight.” (Warren E. Buffett)

Getting started in business

I started my first business when I was a student in 1996 studying marketing at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. Back then mobile phones were rare – only 1 in 10 of the population owned one – and I saw an opportunity to make use of my passion for this new consumer product and sell them online, harnessing the internet which was another emerging technology. The business was Freedom Mobiles and sold mobile phones online and was my introduction to business.

Taking it to the next level

Many years later that company developed into abica, an award winning business telecommunications provider turning over £1M and employing 12 people. I had the pleasure of building a fantastic team of people there and at the same time learning about building a business on the foundation of a strong culture and set of values.  I left that business in September 2009 for a new challenge and in May 2010 became the founder and CEO of Teamly. I set out my vision for that new business on this website months before Teamly became a reality. Teamly is closely aligned with that vision, as it seeks to make a positive difference by helping build better companies by revolutionising how companies manage their staff and maximise their effectiveness using straightforward online tools.

Giving Back

Between April 2009 and December 2011 I was on the board of The Entrepreneurial Exchange, an organisation that provides a forum for entrepreneurs to meet and support each other, with the aim of helping each other grow and scale their businesses. It is Scotland’s leading entrepreneurial organisation and plays an important role in inspiring and supporting entrepreneurs. I was very proud to have been elected to the board by the membership, and it was an honour to contribute to making it better for the future.  A new sister organisation has just opened in London.

During 2010 and 2011 I also volunteered with the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust (PSYBT) which helps young people setting up in business for the first time. I mentored three young entrepreneurs  between the age of 18 and 25 and was motivated to do this because at that age I know I would really have benefited from a mentor. PSYBT is another fantastic entrepreneurial organisation, and it has made a real difference to the lives of young people in Scotland, and to the Scottish economy.

Before launching Teamly I relocated to London, one of the world’s greatest cities, and also a great place for a tech startup. (I blogged on TechCrunch about my take on London’s “Tech City”). During 2011 I curated the London Startup Digest, a weekly email sent out to around 5000 people, detailing the best startup related events in the city.

In October 2011 I moved to Silicon Valley.

The Future

I am motivated by the desire to lead and build a valuable business using culture and values as a core foundation and to make products that make a difference to those who use them and that’s what I’m getting a chance to do right now with Teamly.


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