How to create a community for your website

December 9, 2009

Photo Credit: Adam Tinworth

The answer is… you can’t create a community. You can facilitate it, you can guide it but the community is inside all of us (as individuals).

That’s the message which blogger Chris Pirillo passionately expanded on his keynote address to the Le Web conference in Paris today.

Community is inside all of us.

Community isn’t about a company, but a culture.

Community is becoming increasingly distributed. (For example everyone now has many profiles on multiple websites).

Community requires tools that can’t be built; it’s the people which make a community.

Community is a commodity, but people aren’t.

Community cannot be controlled, only guided. (This is the thing which most companies from the advertising age don’t get. They fret that “people might say bad things about us”. Pirillo argues that’s a GOOD thing; it shows people care).

Community is no longer defined by physical boundaries. (Thanks to the web we now have more things in common with people on the other side of the world than we do our next door neighbours).

Community grows its own leaders.

Community is the antithesis of ego.

Community is everywhere, inside of us.

For more detail on this direct from the source visit Chris Pirillo’s blog.