This was a working document which I wrote before I co-founded my current business, Teamly. Below is the vision for that next business I was looking for.

The best businesses combine profits, passion and purpose and that is what I am aiming for with this new business.


  • Create a great business with a remarkable culture which makes a lasting positive impact on the World.

Vision (why):

  • Make a difference to the lives of all stakeholders.
  • Challenge the status quo of an industry and of the traditional view of corporations as nothing but profit-making machines.
  • To revolutionise an industry with new disruptive technology.
  • Create a remarkable new global brand with a great product/service.
  • Build enduring value.


  • The business itself, that is, the product or service is not what is relevant; it’s about people.
  • My own personal passion is in technology and communications so it is likely the business will produce a product or service in those fields.


  • Find kindred spirits, amazing individuals with a similar belief in the power of team effort.
  • The co-founders will work together to start a new tribe packed with talented people who share a set of common core values.
  • The alignment and shared sense of a higher purpose, a driving force will create masses of positive energy.


  • There are smart and innovative people all over the World; I just need to find a couple more who share this vision and the tribe begins.
  • Ultimately this business will transcend national borders, visa restrictions and political boundaries but I have narrowed down the options to just two locations: London or Silicon Valley.

Effect on stakeholders (customers, staff, owners, suppliers & partners):

  • The tangible impact of this outstanding business will be happy, fulfilled people, brimming with pride for themselves, the company and the work being undertaken.

If all of the above is the inputs, the outputs that will accrue:

  • Great product/service.
  • Happiness.
  • Awards.
  • Financial success.

What do I mean by a higher purpose?

Employees are not motivated by financial success for their employers and individual financial rewards motivate the wrong behaviour. What really turns people on is a higher purpose, some kind of noble cause.

  • Instead of Microsoft‘s goal being to sell software it was “a computer on every desk and every home”, a very compelling vision which served it well for many years.
  • Instead of Google‘s goal being to become the World’s biggest search engine it was to “organise the World’s information”, something it is still working hard on today.
  • Instead of Cranium‘s goal being to product the top selling board game it was to “give everyone a chance to shine”.
  • Instead of Starbucks goal being to become the world’s biggest coffee chain it is “To inspire and nurture the human spirit— one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time.”
  • Instead of Zappos‘s goal to become the world’s biggest shoe website it is to “deliver happiness”.

Recommended reading:

These books have helped formulate my desire for this vision.

  • “Good to great” by Jim Collins
  • “Built to last” by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras
  • “Pour your heart into” by Howard Schulz
  • “Founders at work” by Jessica Livingston
  • Tribal leadership” by Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright
  • “Happiness hypothesis” by Jonathan Haidt

Please get in touch if this is a vision that excites you.


3 Responses to Vision

  1. Tartancat says:

    Wow. That’s all. Just Wow.

  2. Robin has done a good job on you Scott ! I can only add the old Japanese proverb which sums up the importance of setting out a clear Vision that everyone can buy into……..”Vision without action is a daydream, action without Vision is a nightmare”.

  3. Delighted to find this! To recognizing that there are kindred spirits in this world whose goals are focused on the human spirit as well and opportunity to have a life that is well lived and thereby transformative. I appreciate the references to books that inspire – I too am looking to build a team that embodies excitement in what’s possible.

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